Arrangement “Culinair fietsen in de Kempen”

You will make a 40 km bike tour which will show you all aspects from the “Kempische” landscape, in combination with a lovely diner. You will start your tour at our partycenter with coffee and a piece of home made pie. Then you cycle via “de Malpie” to Dinee Café De Zwaan where you will enjoy the first course of the dinner. Then the tour continues towards Hotel Steensel where a delicious soup will be waiting for you. The main course you will find at Dinee Café De Kempen. The tour will end where it has started, at our partycenter. Here you will enjoy the dessert. At all courses we offer you two possibilities you can choose from. You can also rent bikes from €8,- p.p.p.d. This arrangement is also great for larger groups and can be combined with a drink at the end in one of our rooms.

If you want to reserve this tour you can call our number 040 – 2532727.



It’s a perfect day out for the entire group. You can play this game as long as you like and it’s very fun to do. The midgetgolf course has 18 holes. The minimum number of participants is 25. The price is € 21,25 per person.

After playing the full course, you and the other participants can enjoy a delicious barbecue we prepared for you. You can make a reservation from Tuesday until Sunday.

For more information and reservations, please contact us by telephone 0031-402300043 or by email: info@witven.nl


Children’s birthday party

Celebrate your birthday with us! When you arrive, everybody get a glass of lemonade and a candy bag. The child who has it’s birthday will also get a nice party hat. When everybody’s done drinking and giving presents, we start with midgetgolf.

We have an 18 hole golf course. After playing midgetgolf, the kids can tell us which snack they want for dinner and then play at the playground. Then we all going to have dinner with fries, the snack and lemonade. At the end of this wonderful birthday party, everyone will get a nice ice cream.

The price is € 9.50 per person. You can make a reservation for Tuesday until Saturday, from 12.00 ‘o clock. The duration of the party is about 2,5 hour.


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